HTML in Dreamweaver

There are a number of ways to write HTML when you are inside of Dreamweaver. The two basic ways are through Code View and through Design View. For the most part you should use Code View to write your HTML.

One reason for not using the Design View is that when you use it you can inadvertently add in a bunch of unnecessary HTML. There are a couple of times to use the Design View. One is to add hyperlinks.

Hyperlinks in Design View

Select the text you wish to make into a hyperlink.

In the Properties window type in the link you want in the Link text area. Dreamweaver will add in the anchor (a) tags for you.

Hyperlinks using Files Pane

To use this method a couple of things have to be true. One is that you need Dreamweaver Site setup. Two the link you want to add is to another page on your site. To add in the hyperlinks again select the text you want to be linked and then to use the target tool to select one of the pages in your site.

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