Screenshot aka Screen Capture

There are times when you need to take an image of your screen. You may be pulling together an inspirational mood board or just need a quick picture of something to share by email. Here are some software that can help you (there are tons more out there, especially browser plugins).

If it is commercial then the price is listed. If it doesn’t cost anything then it’s listed as free. If there is a free version and also paid versions then it’s listed as freemium with the paid price.

  • SnagIt [desktop MAC/PC] ($38) full featured screen capture and annotation software. Also by Techsmith (Camtasia, Jing)
  • Skitch[desktop MAC] (freemium $20/yr, sale $15/yr) allows you to take and annotate screenshots. also allows sharing photos.
  • Talon [browser] (free) You can use it on their site by entering the URL of the page you want to capture, or you can install a Chrome or Firefox Add-on. Opens the image in Falcon for extensive editing options.
  • Awesome Screenshot [browser, Chrome] (free) capture all, visible or part of a web page.
  • Screenshot [browser Firefox] (free) firefox addon, capture all, visible or part of a web page.

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