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Google allows you to create a custom search engine that only searches your site and then use that search engine within your site. So basically you get the power of Google Search just for your site without all of the effort of writing the search code yourself.

There are a few things that trip people up with this process:

  • You have to create a Custom Google Search Engine
  • In order to do that you need a Google account (you can create one from the page above)
  • There are different ways of adding a Google search to a site. For the way we are doing it you must select iframe in the Look and Feel in the control panel
  • There are two pieces of code to copy. One creates the search form and the other shows the resutls. The search form you put on all pages, the results code you put on just one page. You will create that page just for the results. See the diagram below
  • You have to specify your actual web site with URL in the Sites area in the control panel. If you don’t do this then Google won’t know what to index and you will not get any results.
  • It takes a day or so for Google to index your site so it won’t work right away
  • Your site has to be live for this to work. You can’t test this with local files on a flash drive. You can only test by uploading your files to the server and testing in a browser

The following page has a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a Google Search for your site:

Here is the link to the Google Custom Search Engine site:

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