Copy/Paste Embeds

Copy/Paste Embeds are pieces of code that other sites provide to allow you to add functionality to your site. For example embedding a YouTube video in your page or  a Google Map. Sometimes you have to sign up with the site in order to gain access to this functionality, other times you don’t. Most of the time the process is the same

  1. Go to a resource on the site
  2. Click some kind of Embed button or link
  3. Copy some HTML (and possibly CSS and JavaScript)
  4. Paste it into your web page.

The benefit is that you easily add functionality without a lot of work.

The major downside is that sometimes the code you copy is not valid and will cause validation errors. Often this won’t effect how your page looks but if you want your HTML/CSS to be 100% valid you may either have to fiddle with the copied HTML/CSS or just accept that it won’t validate.

Name What is embedded Technology/Markup Required Signup Required View Tutorial
Google Maps Interactive Map iframe, JavaScript No, but more features available if you do view
Google Calendar Interactive Calendar iframe, JavaScript Yes view
Google Search Add Custom Search to your site iframe, JavaScript Yes view
YouTube video JavaScript No, Yes if you want your own video
Vimeo video JavaScript No, Yes if you wan your own video

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