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When creating web sites, especially those for paying clients that will go on the web, it is VERY important not to use any media (images, text, video) without permission. Despite the fact that you are able to do a Google search and find images, you should not use this method to find images. Most of the images you find will not have a copyright that allows you to use the image.

This page has information about what you can and can’t do and where you can go to find images and other media to use in your projects.

First I should make it clear that you can NOT just go to Google, search for an image and then right click on it and download it to your computer. In order for you to use an image or another type of media (sound, video etc.) you have to have explicit permission from the creator/owner. If the owner is you or someone you know personally who said it was OK then fine (although you might want to have your friend send you the permission via email).

The other alternative is to find material where the owner has given it a license, like one of the the Creative Commons licenses, that allow you to use the work. I will post more about these licenses later.

For a entertaining look at copyright using clips from Disney Videos, checkĀ this out.

Here are a list of some places you can go to search for work with this kind of license:

Creative commons This site has a number of different ways to find Creative Commons licensed material.


stock.xchng free stock photos

Morgue File Free Photos

Flickr Creative Commons be careful, sometimes these are mislabeledĀ Also read the different licenses. Some don’t allow you to make derivative works and others require that you also share freely any work you make from the image.

This list has about 73 sites with free photos listed

Public Domain Stock Photography

Texture King free textures

Deviant Art This is a popular site but be careful, not all images are free to use.

Library of Congress Photostream on Flickr

New York Public Library


Creative Commons Music


Creative Commons Video: remember to read licenses for works

Open Source Movies: again read cc licenses

Vintage Public Domain films from Prelinger Archives

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