Scalable Inman Flash Replacement (sIFR)

This technique should only be used for titles (h1..h6 elements basically); it should not be used for the body text.

This technique is different than image replacement. In some ways it is easier, others more difficult. It is easier because basically what it does is use a combination of Javascript and Flash to read the HTML text you have and replace it with a flash file that has the same text but in the font and color you want. So you don’t have to make an image for each title like with image replacement.

Here are some difficulties:
The user must have BOTH JavaScript enabled and the Flash plugin. So thus does not work with devices like say the iPhone – that is also why you still need to specify a font stack.
You have to learn the process for creating the Flash files and modify a bit of JavaScript code.

This page is from the person who developed the technique:
And some documentation we will look at is here:
and an interactive example is here:

Thus page is a tutorial I made on how to use the technique:

Here are the JavaScript and Flash and HTML files you will need to try it out. There are two downloads, one is for the files needed to create sIFR and the other is an example.

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